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High Quality Cage Washing Equipment

Sunshine Scientific offers Scientek cage washing equipment for robust washing and disinfecting needs. Animal care products need to be regularly washed and disinfected, including small and large animal caging, water bottles, enrichment, ancillary items, and associated material handling equipment.

Scientek’s cage washers are sized for maximum capacity in order to meet or exceed your vivarium throughput requirements and all application requirements. Their washers are reliable and simple to operate, ensuring temperature consistency while being easy to maintain and service.

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  • Chambers sized for maximum throughput
  • Utility conservation systems
  • Floor or pit mounted
  • Single and double door configurations
  • Stainless steel wash chambers and doors
  • Programmable wash parameters for custom short cycles
  • Color touchscreen PLC controls


  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Local data logging
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Modular wall installations
  • Chemical resistant chambers and doors
  • Guaranteed temperatures
  • User-friendly operation