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High Quality Washing Equipment

We are proud to offer Lynx Product Group custom made washing equipment. Lynx manufactures a variety of washing equipment with the design and development for standard and custom animal care washing, disinfection, filling, and conveying systems.

The Lynx Product Group’s experience in these industries has spanned over 30 years and their equipment has evolved alongside them. Lynx equipment makes the necessity of cleaning and disinfection easier and more effective. Their products are essential to laboratories and healthcare worldwide.

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  • Life Science Products
  • Healthcare Products


  • Bottle Fillers
  • Decontamination Chambers
  • Cage and Bottle Washers
  • Cage and Rack Washers
  • Tunnel Cage Washers
  • Bedding dispensers
  • Waste Bedding Disposal System
  • Clean Bedding Delivery System
  • Cart Tow-Thru Washers
  • Cart Washer